Marzabotto – Aria Park Montesole
Pompeo Aria Museum

The archaeological Museum is located on same site where the Etruscans lived between the 6th and 5th centuries BC.

It was a thriving and important town of 4,000 inhabitants and occupied an area of 18 hectares on the floor of Misano.

Given the towns strategic position it was a stronghold for commercial trade between the north and south, linking the port of Spina, Felsina (modern Bologna) and Tyrrhenian Etruria.

Today this marvelous site, which was first discovered by archeologists in 1831, represents the only preserved example of an Etruscan town in Italy.

Rigorous in its regularity, the city plan features on the west side the acropolis, which consists of four sacred buildings.

To the east there is the housing settlement with its uniform network of main and secondary roads, houses and workshops.

At the extreme east and northern edges of the town there are two large graveyards (Sepolcreti). All the precious artefacts that have been excavated to date are kept in the National Etruscan Museum “Pompeo Aria”.


Parco Montesole – Via Porrettana sud, 13 Marzabotto (Bologna)

Visiting Hours 1 April – 31 October 09:00/18:30
and from 1 November – 31 March 09:00/17:30
Info Tel. +39 051 932353
Costs 3 €
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