The game

Discovery Appennino, “visit the Apennines and discover its hidden treasures”

Take part and play in this innovative Treasure Hunt to discover the spectacular beauty of the mountains of Bologna. Uncover new emotions as you experience the mysterious charm of the woods, the mild sweetness of the hills and the austere majesty of the Bolognese Apennine peaks.

A journey organized in stages where participants can experience and learn about the Bolognese Apennines through the game.

Promoted by the four Unioni dei Comuni della Montagna Bolognese and with the support of the Gal Appennino Bolognese, the treasure hunt is open to both tourists and residents alike (adults and children) and consists of 23 stages that are marked by a QRcode placed by the organizers in some of the most wondrous locations of the Bolognese Apennines.

Participating is easy. Just register (free). Grab a mobile smartphone and organize your own means of transportation to move between the various stages of the game.



At each stage, in accordance with the points identified, the participant will have to produce their own “check”  to proceed. Then, with out any time limits or any specific route order, one may move on to the next stage.

All of this, within the natural and historical charm of the Bolognese Apennines: parks, ancient villages, archaeological marvels and unique flavours from this land known for its great culinary tradition.